Petcor Flea Spray contains Precor IGR, an insect growth regulator that targets fleas in the egg and larval stages of development. As a result, pre-adult fleas cannot produce new infestations of breeding, biting adults.


Active Ingredient: natural Pyrethrins plus Precor IGR


Target pests: Fleas, ticks, and lice
Kills flea eggs for 2 weeks and adults for 1 week


For use in: Dogs, Cats, Puppies and Kittens over 12 weeks of age
* Use Weekly if Pet is Infected
* For preventive use, spray every 2 months


Application: Use 1 to 2 pumps per pound that your pet weighs.
* Start at the head and work your way back to the tail rubbing it in as you go.
* Pets under 10 pounds, wet a towel or cloth and rub it into the fur of the pet rather than spraying them directly.
Petcor will kill adult Fleas on contact, but continues to protect by preventing flea eggs from hatching for up to 30 days.
* You should continue to apply as needed to kill adult fleas found on your pet.


Pet safe: Yes

Petcor Flea Spray