The InVite Multi - Insect Lure is a mixture of pheromones that effectively attracts stored product pests. It's a thickened food oil base that controls the pheromones and released in uniform after application. The product attracts pests like cigarette beetles, kharpa and warehouse beetles, Indian, Mediterranean flour and almond moths. It's a non-toxic and non-pesticidal formula that can also be applied to glueboards and in a D-Sect IPM station if needed. Bait stations can also be used in retail stores and other discreet trapping applications. Drowning target pests can also be done by placing the lure in a Yellow PFT Station with water. The product comes in a single (six 3cc doses) syringe with its own plunger.


Active Ingredient: Insect Attractant


Target pests: Beetles: Cigarette, Warehouse, Khapra, Flour, Saw-Toothed Grain, Drugstore and Others
Moths: Indian Meal, Almond, Tobacco, Mediterranean Flour, Cacao, Raisin and Other Ephestia Moths


For use in: Indoor and Outdoor public areas.