Snake Away is the world’s only EPA registered, university tested, patented snake repellent that will effectively repel both poisonous and non-poisonous snakes. The Snake Away dry granular mixture is easy to apply and can be sprinkled by hand around homes, trailers, cabins, camp sites, and garages, or wherever snakes repellency is desired. Snake Away is effective for up to 3 months. Treats up to ¼ acre lot with a home. Available in 4 lb. and 28 lb. buckets of Snake Away.


Active Ingredient: Napthalene, 7%
Sulfur, 28%


Target pests: Snakes


For use in: For outdoor use only around houses, cabins, trailers, garages, barns, wood piles, trash cans, flower beds, or wherever snakes are undesired.

Dr. T's Snake-A-Way

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