This Carpenter Bee Trap is deceptively simple but extremely effective. The trap itself is constructed of wood and plastic bottles. The Carpenter Bee Trap does not need a bait or any additional lure to do its job. The trap looks like the holes where the carpenter bees live. They fly into the Carpenter Bee Trap become trapped in the plastic bottle and their buzzing and natural scent attracts their carpenter bee friends to come and join them.


Place the Carpenter Bee Trap over existing carpenter bee holes or in other areas of the structure where the sun shines directly. This trap once in place will last for years.


Target pests: Carpenter bees


For use in: Outdoors over existing carpenter bee holes or other sunny areas on the exterior of a structure where carpenter bees may nest.


Pet safe: When used as directed.


Material / Construction: Wood and plastic bottles.

Carpenter Bee Trap