InVade Bio Drain Gel combines citrus oil and premium microbes in formulation thick enough to coat the insides of drains allowing it to eliminate odors and eat through scum. When first using InVade Bio Drain apply every other day for the first week and then continue to use once a week afterwards. Use InVade Bio Drain in the drain lines of the soda machine drip tray to clear out sugar snakes that eventually clog the drain lines.


InVade Bio Drain can be also be used with a hose end sprayer or in a mopping solution. The citrus oil has a great scent and provides extra cleaning power.

A Pump For 5 Gallon Pail can be purchased separately if needed.


Active Ingredient: Microbes and Citrus Oil


Target pests: Eliminates Odors and prevents Sugar Snakes


For use in: Direct application to drains, soda drain lines and drip trays


Pet safe: When used as directed on label


Yield: Apply 4 oz to each drain once daily for one week Yields 32 application