Used in the Advance Termite Baiting System to monitor for termite activity around your home. The Advance Termite Inspection Cartridge contains Puri-Cell cellulose monitoring matrix to attract termites for pre-baiting. By pre-baiting, termite workers establish eating habits within termite stations, and the TIC can then be exchanged for Termite Bait Cartridges with active ingredient. Cartridges should be replaced every 12-15 months, regardless of termite activity.


Active Ingredient: Pure Compressed Cellulose (No Active Ingredient)


Target pests: Subterranean Termites


For use in: Advance Termite Monitoring Stations


Application: Replace the TIC on an as needed basis but not any longer than 15 months since installation or the last replacement


Pet safe: If used as directed on label

Advance Inspection Cartridge