Discourage pigeons, starlings, and other nuisance birds from nesting or perching on ledges, sills, roofs, peaks, cornices, bridges, and overpasses with 4 The Birds repellent gel. The 4 the birds transparent gel is easily applied with a caulking gun or putty knife and is weather resistant for lasting outdoor application. All surfaces should be cleared of dust, dirt, droppings, and loose debris before treatment application. A second treatment may be necessary if flattened by heavy bird traffic. 4 The Birds Gel will not harm birds when used as directed.


Target pests: Most birds including Pigeons, Starlings, and House Sparrows


For use in: Ledges, Sills, Roofs, Peaks


Application: See label for complete application instructions


Yield: One 10 oz. tube will treat 10 linear feet when applied in beads 1/2" wide and 1/2" high

4 the Birds

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